Photo Gallery

Byron Nelson Single Mum

Collyville Single Mum

double Garter

Senior Garter with dressed bears

Double Mum

Double Mum Byron High School

Double Mum

Double Mum Central High School

Double mum

Cute double mum with lots of bling, 2 boas, diamond back braid, $95.00

Double Mum 2013

Double Homecoming Mum for Boswell High school $100.

Double Mum Hunter and Gold

Double Mum with upgraded loop brade, box brade and lots of bling

Double Mum Navy and Gold

Double mum with dressed bear. Go Keller Indians!

Double mum Royal and White

Dressed Bear

We dress bears to match school outfits!

Fossil Ridge Triple Mum

Triple Mum with Lights. $150

Georgeous Black & Red Triple Mum

Unique Triple mum with Black Flowers. Jazzed out for that special Girl!

Green Double Mum

Nice simple freshman mum.

Haltom Mum

Large Double Mum Black & Red

Beautiful Double mum with 7.5" flowers.

Large Heart Mum

Beautiful pink, black and silver large heart mum. has 4 7" flowers and 1 6.5" flower to make up the large heart. Only $160.00 Can make in any color

Large Triple Heart Mum

This large Triple mum has 7 flowers and is decorated for your Princess!

Large Triple Mum

Large Triple Mum

Large triple mum with 4 Braids, 6 garlands/chains, 30 trinkets, 15 yards of specialty printed ribbons, names $155.00

Lewisville mum

Pee Wee Mum

Mum's are for Pee Wee football as well!

Pee Wee Mum

12" ribbons 4" flower only $20.00 includes name

Pee Wee Mum with mascot head

This cute Cheerleader mum matched the team's colors. 12" ribbons and 4"flower includes name $25.00

Senior Garter

Even the Garters are becoming more lavish.

Senior Garter

Senior Garter with Dressed Bears

Senior Garter

Senior Garter White and Silver

Senior Mum

Senior Mum Black, White and Silver

Senior Sash

Senior Sash with lights. Super Huge

Senior Star Mum

Senior mum with lights and pink accents. $300.00

Senior Triple Mum

Triple Mum Gold and White

Single Mum

Single Mum customized for drill team. Includes spiral brade and spirit braid. Go Crowley!

Single mum

Single Homecoming mum Pirates Rock

Single Mum -- Timber creek

This cute mum has 2 braids, 2 garlands, feather boa, 30 specialty ribbons 14 trinkets 1 3" cowbell, 2 garlands $103.00

Single Mumq

North Side High School Single Mum

Single Mumq

North Side High School Single Mum

Timber Creek Double Mum

Triple Mum

Triple Mum with dressed bears

Triple Mum

Triple Homecoming mum - Plano Rules

Triple Mum

Triple Mum

Triple Mum Black & Gold

Beautifully dressed bear

Triple Senior Mum

Senior Triple Mum

Westlake Academy Mum

Mini Mum

Westlake Academy Mum

Westlake Academy Mum